Do more good with data.

We help nonprofit and social impact leaders use data and automation to increase impact, grow their resources, and find new ways to fulfill their mission.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that social impact organizations can be transformed by the twin powers of data and automation. Our mission is to invest our talents to bring efficiency, greater revenue, and new ways of operating to these organizations. We do that by providing purpose-driven data services, while growing and mentoring the accessible talent pool. We believe in open source, equality in the digital world, and lifting all boats.

How We Can Help

Data & Analytics

From data strategy & roadmap to developing custom dashboards, we assist with all stages of your data journey. Find more information about our capabilities on our data services page.


Overwhelmed by manual, day-to-day data manipulation tasks in Excel or copying files from place to place? Let us automate your daily grind so you can get back to using your talents for good.

Analyst Mentoring

Are you a nonprofit that has hired or is considering hiring a data analyst? We provide free mentoring and community building through our Analyst Integrator program.


What People Say

This is incredible! … I feel like this is what we’re looking for and in a nicer format that just doing an Excel sheet.

Nonprofit Program Manager working in hunger relief, in response to custom dashboard draft

We truly appreciate you being willing to help out with our cause… Your perspective has been so valuable already.

Director at mental health promoting organization, in response to data strategy advising


The Cause-al Corner

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