Data Services

Data strategy & roadmap

High level strategy grounded in concrete use cases so that you know exactly where you’re headed.

Data-informed decision making

Make decisions based on measurable outcomes so you can demonstrate impact to stakeholders effectively.

Analytics and Visualization

Dashboards to custom infographics for impactful and informative communication.

Requirements gathering and system selection

Buy technology systems that fit your organization.

Cloud storage and computing

Transfer critical data and processes to cloud infrastructure and find brand new ways of serving clients digitally.

Predictive models and clustering

Machine learning applied with human context can be a common sense to data problems at scale.

Data modeling and quality assessments

Know how much to trust your own data and how much you can rely on it for your organization’s goals.

Data wrangling and cleaning

Get started with extracting insights by transforming, analyzing, and cleaning up messy data.


High volume administrative tasks

Time is your most precious resource. Get back to spending your minutes on mission, not minutiae.

Scalable data workflows

Data entry and ingestion activities can be made more reproducible and less susceptible to human error.

Replace paper processes

Make your organization more efficient and resilient by replacing paper-based forms with digital data collection.

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